I develop software for a living. Then I go home and continue thinking about software because I just can't get enough. I started my career as a backend engineer. Later on I learned enough about frontend development to consider myself a fullstack developer. Lastly I became interested in infrastructure, and nowadays I feel confident in all three areas.

I've worked as a technical lead for the past few years. It took me a while to figure it out, but I really enjoy working on making a team more effective. I like helping others along their journey and establishing good practices within a team. I'm a big advocate of Continuous Delivery and Test Driven Development, among others.

I love sharing my knowledge. I write a lot about different technologies and practices. I've done a whole bunch of talks in many different meetups and conferences.

I avoid calling myself a Technology X developer. Nevertheless I've worked with plenty of technologies and tools.


Following the Pragmatic Programmer advice, I try to learn some new technology every year. My github account is full of small projects I have started to teach myself new things, such as this page itself. A list of them, in no particular order


I am a bit picky about the tools I use. Actually, I am very picky. I cannot remember how many times I did rewrite my shell config in the past. It is problematic for pair programming because I usually am the only one that can work at my computer.

Nowadays I try to at least outsource my configurations a bit, using some awesome community driven ones like Spacemacs and Oh My Zsh

  • spacemacs
  • zsh
  • git
  • tmux
  • Google Chrome
  • hammerspoon
  • Alfred
  • Dash
  • trello