Replacing ESLint with prettier


As I mentioned while talking about Angular, I have been thinking lately about what should be the role of a linter on a project.

I am a huge fan of linters in general. I love the idea of outsourcing pointless discussions about how to style code to a ruthless program that runs automatically. I imagine the pipeline laughing at whoever broke the build last and scolding them:

Nothing personal, human, but if you do not put a space before that brace I will block your feature forever

Linters can help with consistency throughout a codebase. They help catching potential errors as well. It is truly built-in quality almost for free.

However, I have been using some tools lately, such as Terraform or Go, that take this one step further, and include a tool to directly format the code, without a linting and fixing phase. It actually makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Automated checking is the first step, but why bother fixing the problems manually when you can automate that step as well?


I have been using Prettier more and more in my projects. With this you can actually leave the formatting of the code to it, and use ESLint to catch other errors. I really like this combination. ESLint can still provide plenty of value, but I leave getting my code aligned and formatted to a tool that runs as often as I like.

Adding it to a project is really easy. You need to add the dependency first

yarn add --dev prettier

Then you can extend the scripts with a target for it

"format": "prettier --write \"**/*.+(js|jsx|json|css|scss)\""

You can run this on commit. For this very blog if have it set up using lint-staged like this.

And that is pretty (duh) much it. Neat and formatted code that you can share with people who obsess about these kind of details like you.

Play nice with ESLint

Now you don’t want your nicely formatted code to trigger a thousand ESLint warnings. Luckily, somebody already thought of this. eslint-config-prettier allows you to turn off these rules, so that both tools keep working together properly.

You want more?

Once you start with the formatting, you cannot stop. We already made it part of the commit hook, but why wait so long? Shouldn’t the editor run prettier automatically on save? You bet it should. In my case, as a faithful Emacs/Spacemacs user, I again made use of a bunch of existing packages so that I get prettier run on my JavaScript buffers on save. The config ain’t pretty, but it does the job.


This is so cool, why keep it only for JS? I managed to integrate terraform fmt and gofmt already, and I wouldn’t mind doing something similar for every language that I have to touch (even bash).